10 Funny things with the new zealand sea lion campbell island team


  1. Getting shit on by a skua gets you free zodiac rides.
  2. Toilet etiquette – sprinkle dry leaves like salt bae after you’re done.
  3. It’s your turn to dig a new toilet hole and your memory of previous holes is failing.
  4. That toilet situation conversation with Shoal Team over the radio.
  5. Davis’s obsession with getting sponsored #sponsorme.
  6. Tamar and Dahlia’s Beeman workout to rage against the machine.
  7. Davis the health nuts vs Shoal the chefs.
  8. Getting everyone on the porridge, meditation and intermittent fasting.
  9. The soft mutiny at Beeman. We were all being dramatic.
  10. The live tv drama of “The Real Polar Cruise Passengers”.

I dug this out from the drafts. It was written sometime in 2020. Probably incomplete.

The new zealand sea lion team was made up of 6 people, split evenly into 2 groups. Each group lived and worked at a different sea lion breeding colony separated by a channel of water for 6 weeks. The goal was to monitor and collect data from sea lions. I was part of the Davis colony team in the 2019/2020 field season.

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