What I’m focused on at this point of my life.
This is part of the project by Derek Sivers.

  • Now Update

    Work Life

    I currently split my working days between my web developer job at a local digital agency and at the uni as a research and teaching assistant. I was intensely involved with teaching when the semester started in July then it slowed now. Now I have a lot of assignments to mark.

    Giving thoughtful feedback is tough. Have you heard of the shit sandwich? Apparently it’s a good way to deliver criticism – sandwich the negative feedback between two good ones.

    Teaching bjj

    Outside of work, I’m focused on teaching BJJ. I take a lot of time to prepare lessons – probably too long. I tend to over prepare… because of the imposter syndrome. But “1 teaches 2 learn”. I get to brush up on details and concepts, so I don’t mind.


    Skills and knowledge I’m brushing up on:

    new personal website

    And I rebuilt my personal site! I moved from a notion page to this wordpress site. I have little blogs everywhere, a dev blog, a substack, my notion page… it started to feel messy so I’m trying to consolidate everything onto here.